ESFIRE MED Straalpijp


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Artikelnummer FSESFIREM14
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Product beschrijving

ESFIRE MED - Branchpipes with adjustable jet

Dedicated to the firefighting on board the boats in conformity with SOLAS 74 and with MODU code for Offshore platforms. The ESFIRE MED is a DMF type A fire noz-zle with a three positions adjustable jet for equipping hose systems with lay flat hoses. Their system of diffusion makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous cone, of fine droplets, making the branchpipe very effective for the absorption of the cal-ories and the protection of the branchpipe holder. These branchpipes are easy to operate; by rotating the jet selector you change from the {close} position to the straight jet position and to the diffusion of protection.

The ESFIRE MED is composed of the following elements:
- 2" Male thread
- Gripping device
- Jet selector
- Marking of nominal size

- Nozzle in compliance with NF EN 671-2 and NF EN 15182-1+A1 standard
- ESFIRE MED, certified nozzle according to the MED 96/98/EC
- Male BSP 2" thread

- Body and nozzle: synthetic materials
- Jet selector: nickled-plated brass
- Axe of the selector and screws: stainless steel
- Ring and gaskets: NBR


Draadtype BSP
Aansluiting Buitendraad
Materiaal Armaturen Aluminium
Country of Origin France
HS Code (Intrastat) 848180690